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Five everyday foods linked to an increased cancer risk

  Knowing which foods to avoid is just as important as filling your plate with vibrant veggies. In fact, steering clear of some foods may actually help to reduce your risk of developing cancer. Although anyone can develop cancer, there is a growing focus on the role diet plays in influencing the risk. The role diet plays in determining cancer risk is controversial. As per research, certain dietary items have been linked to an increased risk. Here are five everyday food items found to have a connection with an increased risk of cancer. 02 /6 Hydrogenated vegetable oils This is a type of fat used by food manufacturers to keep foods fresher for longer. Research has found that hydrogenated vegetable oils are linked to an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. This is due to trans fats that are drenched in these oils. Trans fats are one of the worst types of fats. They are known to contribute to cancer, heart disease and immune system problems. The World Cancer Research Fund has foun